Ganaz Inc.

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About Us

Ganaz is like Glassdoor for low wage, low literacy farm workers and their employers.  We connect farm owners that need good workers with workers that need good jobs. There is a labor shortage in the U.S. today, with an estimated $3.1B in fresh produce left in the field due to the lack of ability of farm owners to find enough workers.

At the same time, farm workers in the U.S. face the risk of wage theft, sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions, earning an average income of $10K-$12K a year. Women and undocumented immigrants are especially vulnerable. Not only is this an ethical challenge, it’s also a risk to the brands that buy from these farms.

Recruitment of low wage workers is still incredibly low tech. It is done via phone calls, texts and WhatsApp, and it is inefficient and ineffective.

Our app allows farm owners to recruit workers by posting jobs electronically and distributing them to our network.  Similarly, farm workers are able to view job postings, as well as reviews of farms to understand what working conditions are like.