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About Us

Actuality Media is an service-learning documentary production organization that takes emerging filmmakers on an adventure that can change the world. While learning the art and practice of documentary filmmaking our crews tell stories about changemakers around the world.

Also known as social entrepreneurs, changemakers are individuals and organizations that are making a sustainable impact on chronic social or environmental problems. There are countless changemakers operating around the world and nobody knows about them. The Actuality Media student crews aim to bring their story to the world’s stage.

In each of our programs students travel to a foreign country and live in a developing community for the duration of production. Under the guidance of an Actuality Media production manager each crew researches, writes, shoots and edits a documentary film entirely on location. With support from Actuality Media the crew shares the films far and wide according to the distribution strategy they develop.

These documentaries serve to tell stories that matter, to inspire more people to do good, and to inspire media makers to seek out more of these tales.

Make movies. Change the world.