OUR Schools

  • Maryland


344 East University Parkway
United States

About Us

OUR Schools is an environmental education program that provides STEAM programming to elementary schools around Maryland. Through creative and engaging content, we have reached over 35,000 students at 70 schools with our message of sustainability. Our programs include assemblies, classroom residencies, teacher trainings, and after school events, all featuring hands-on STEAM activities related to sustainable energy, food production, and consumption.

Our vivid vision with the OUR Schools program has always been to build a sustainable future where clean energy and STEAM innovation power all of our subsistence needs. Now we're introducing students to invigorating ways of learning about engineering can save our planet, with topics ranging from solar and wind power to electric transportation and hydroponic farming. Our students build electric motors, model wind turbines, solar powered cars, and hydroponic farms, all while learning their invaluable impact on our food and our environment. ​