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About Us

TaskForce is a Los Angeles based independent agency that builds capacity and community for the most influential not-for-profits, brands and people who are taking on some of the most pressing challenges facing our state, our nation and our world. We only work with clients who appreciate the value and support of engaged forward thinkers, and understand the role that creative culture plays in shaping public opinion and policy.

We work primarily at the intersection of Arts/Culture and Social Change. People call us: Change makers, Producers, Community Organizers, Communication Specialists, Civic Engagement Pros, Movement Builders, Artists, Creatives, Activists, Strategists, Social Entrepreneurs and Cultural Sleuths. Others call us: Trouble Makers, Rebel Rousers and "The Problem." We like to say, we are in the "Give A Sh*t" business – building the case and the momentum needed to achieve real, sustainable change.