Rainy Day

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115 NW 1st Ave, Suite 200
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About Us

Rainy Day was created to help single mom working two jobs whose car breaks down, and there isn't enough money left in the checking account to get it out of the shop. We provides a rainy day fund for those who can't afford to create one for themselves.

We hope to revolutionize the short-term lending space with what we call "Socially Driven Lending". Our goal is to provide a real alternative to the high costs (391% average APR), hidden fees and predatory practices associated with most short-term lending. We provide loans with no interest or fees of any kind for the first 5 days to make it free to borrow money when there's a short-term emergency.

Rainy Day is a Bright Light Ventures company, an innovation incubator aimed at creating solutions that improve every day life.