Schmear It

  • PA


1626 pine street
United States

About Us

Schmear It is Philly's first and only food truck serving bagels with your personalized, custom-crafted schmears AND social good.

Schmear It’s business model transcends its bagels and schmear. The truck doubles as a grassroots fundraising and marketing platform for local nonprofits. Each week, Schmear It will feature a new local cause to which a percentage of profits will be donated. Leveraging its mobile market presence, Schmear It will raise funds and increase exposure for the featured organization.

There are many delicious dining options in Philly. Why come to Schmear It? Custom-crafting your own schmears is fun and delicious, but even better, you can do good while enjoying the food. All you have to do at Schmear It. We'll automatically donate a percentage of your purchase to a weekly featured nonprofit organization. Why so easy? We're a fan of social business models that empower customers as do-gooders just through their purchasing decisions, and we want to bring the concept into the food industry. So, let's spread some good together.

Schmear It wants to feature your favorite causes, so you feel as good as your taste buds while eating our bagels and schmear. The marketing and fundraising potential for the week is as much up to you, our customers, as it is us or the nonprofit. We all spread the word together, and in doing so, raise more awareness and funds for local causes.