Trade Monkey

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About Us

Trade Monkey began in 2012 with an overall goal to connect customers to trendy, quality handmade products while creating opportunities for stable incomes in developing communities. While we are currently working closely with individual artisans and cooperatives from Thailand, Cambodia, and Uganda, we also partner with economic development non-profits to provide the marketing and sales channels their products lack. Ultimately, Trade Monkey seeks to engineer a paradigm shift in consumer behavior which creates sustainable and socially responsible businesses, and empowers and supports their communities.

As a company we strive to educate consumers about socially responsible goods, without having to sacrifice quality or affordability. Trade Monkeys high quality, unique handcrafted products that we strive to bring to the marketplace are the cornerstone of our business. Besides a one of a kind product that proudly displays individuality, customers get a story about their product’s maker that they can share with their friends, and feel good knowing their purchase does something good in the world. Awesome products, individual stories, transparency, and personal connection – that’s the foundation we have built, and the direction we see the market moving.

In 2014, Trade Monkey was selected by the United Nations Women – Singapore Committee, as one of the top 10 global organizations for Project Inspire, empowering women through social enterprise. Our hope for the near future is to add a full home décor line and a men’s apparel line, expanding our artisan supply chain to include 25 suppliers in 5 countries, and introducing our products into small-scale retail.