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About Us

Who we are

E3Empower is a social enterprise for E3 (Education, Energy, and Entrepreneurship) for desired empowerment. We provide tools, processes, and services that will unlock people’s hidden potential and fulfill inner desire in each person. We believe in success in mutual partnership with employees, clients, contractors, and dealers for empowering community. Empower one person to empower the village!

What we do

E3Empowerhas continuously done the research and developed appropriate technologies for positive solutions that are needed at this moment. Using various appropriate technologies that can be used in many developing countries, E3Empower aims to bring sustainable solutions to address issues related to basic necessities, education, and entrepreneurship. In order to fulfill our mission, E3Empower provides appropriate technologies that bring clean, safe drinking water, solar energy lights where people do not have access to electricity and access to education where people do not have facilities to do so.

E3Empower puts its energy and effort to bring positive impact on people using our talent, experience, and capital that God has given us. We believe that our work can bring positive impact and change people’s lives.

E3Empower would like to invite you to take a step with us to bring positive impact to billions of people all over the world.