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About Us

We offer a unique green PR and community outreach program to San Francisco Bay Area businesses that showcases their green values and yields a tangible, positive impact in communities.

How does our program work?

San Francisco Bay Area businesses work with us to partner with communities and provide them with free sustainability workshops, green educational tools and donations, yielding greener, more resilient communities. Businesses who work with us benefit from a full service green PR & marketing program that shows the world this story, showcasing their green values and their role as green business leaders dedicated to investing in sustainable growth and corporate responsibility.

We work on some very cool projects like educating kids on conducting energy audits in their homes and having them teach their families about energy conservation, we conduct workshops for students enrolled in green job training programs and solar installation programs to better prepare them to get green jobs and we just got back from Nicaragua to install solar and LED lights in a village living off-grid. We are constantly working with our community partners to create positive change in the community and the number of projects we work on continues to grow. All of these efforts are marketed and promoted across online channels and tell a story about the local Bay Area green organizations who support REACH and give back to the community to provide a greener future.