La Mariposa Escuela de Español y Eco Hotel

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About Us

We offer volunteers a great deal - half your day spent in the delightful surroundings of the Mariposa Spanish school and eco-hotel learning Spanish and half doing voluntary work in one of our projects. We also make it a priority to teach you about the fascinating geography, history, politics of Nicaragua as you go! You will stay in a homestay within a few minutes walk of the Mariposa where you can learn even more of the language and culture.

La Mariposa is a Spanish school and eco-hotel in Masaya, Nicaragua. We are currently applying to become an NGO, in the meantime we use all of our profit - and we mean ALL - to support a range of community and environment based projects in the local community. Reafforestation, water projects, building a pre-school extension, funding a pre-school teacher - are just a few examples of the kind of work we are undertaking.