Treasure Circle®, A Social Benefit Company

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242B Spring Street
Red Bank
United States

About Us

   Treasure Circle® is a “Benefit Corporation”, a new breed of for-profit organization which has a nonprofit, public benefit purpose. Our mission is to create products and services for people and organizations who work for the common good, which provides to them economic support, which in turn further enables them to pursue their socially beneficial activities.

   Focusing on the volunteers and staff of Nonprofits and NGO's, our first service will be Under development it's a new form of Internet shopping that dramatically reduces the need for money. It's "Shop Without Money Service" is a patent-pending website under development will transform our everyday shopping activity by enabling the mass recirculation of excess and unwanted goods that have accumulated and are overflowing in homes, businesses, and other conceivable spaces of our consumerism based society.

  Treasure Circle® combines the trending sharing and gift economies, and advance them to form a "Circular Economy Culture" that will maximize one's wealth, reduce energy and natural resources waste, create employment, help the environment and build a more sustainable form of living that is needed immediately on a global scale. This new culture will begin with the nonprofit community and then spread to everyone.