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About Us

Guate va vest manufactures and sells numbered series of high quality 100% handmade garments. The collections are made in collaboration with indigenous Mayan women from the north of Quetzaltenango, in the highlands of Guatemala. Guate va vest pays the women at a fair price, well above the market. They also receive a training that complements their ancestral knowledge.

Guate va vest develops a new concept of dress for Western countries, but familiar for the indigenous women of Guatemala. The collections are a fusion between Irene Peukes’s art and the sensitivity and creativity of indigenous women. Guate va vest seeks to recover the traditional uses and renovate them with a modern design.

With the support of Guatemalan workers cooperatives and new ways of commercializing the products, guate va vest seeks to build a lasting project that breaks with the traditional patterns of the fashion globalized market.

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