Dent Education

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10 E. North Avenue
United States

About Us

Every human has the capacity to be a creative problem solver. However, standardized tests and our compliance-based education culture often deprive students the opportunity to create, discover, and innovate. So how do we get students to realize their ability to create change? We push them to actually do it.

In our programs, students step outside the classroom to engage in their communities, identify needs, and leverage design thinking, making, and entrepreneurship to build real solutions and launch ventures. This is not a thought exercise or glorified brainstorm – we push students outside their comfort zones to prototype, test, and iterate on ideas.

Our goal is to spread opportunity and revitalize education by empowering students to see themselves as innovators. Through the process of empathizing with others, collaborating in teams, and learning from failure, students will realize their capacity to “make a dent in the universe”.