Energy Action Partners

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43 Oak Hill Dr

United States

About Us


Energy Action Partners seeks to expand individual opportunity and strengthen communities through collaborative projects, activities and educational programs focused on improving access to sustainable energy services.


We seek to promote resilient and inclusive communities that are able to acquire and share knowledge, generate social and technological innovation, and create opportunities to improve health, education and quality of life, while preserving social cohesion, a strong sense of identity, and community values. 

Core Values

We prioritize human development outcomes over infrastructure provision and firmly believe that positive social change is generated through respect for and belief in every individual's capabilities.

What We Do

Our work covers three programmatic areas:​

Community Energy Systems

We specialize in planning, design and installation of renewable energy systems, including stand-alone, grid-tied and minigrids. We emphasize participatory processes and community engagement in all our projects. 

Short-courses on Energy & Social Enterprise

Our courses bring together experts and practitioners in the field of energy and human development to deliver educational programs on energy and social enterprise. These courses are aimed at inspiring and engaging young professionals, entrepreneurs and youth passionate about social change and interested in the provision of energy services.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to ensure that the lessons and experience we gain from our work with communities and stakeholders are effectively applied to broader energy and development-related projects.