Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

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6 St Aldates Courtyard
38 St Aldates, OX1 1BN

United Kingdom

About Us

OPM is a social enterprise that started as part of Oxford Univesrity in 1979. It has since evolved into Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and enables strategic decision-makers to design and implement sustainable solutions for reducing social and economic disadvantage in low- and middle-income countries. We are a growing organisation with 200 employees, 9 international offices and 1,500 projects completed. We are focused on the bottom billion and not our bottom line.

  • Our ambition is to make a lasting positive impact on a national, regional and global scale.
  • We collaborate with national and sub-national governments, international aid agencies, civil society and non-governmental organisations, the private sector and the people of local communities to combat social and economic disadvantage.

  • We work in partnership with strategic decision-makers in government to identify and implement effective and sustainable solutions.
  • We bring together, through our international offices, the best global and national expertise to deliver responses that are appropriate to local circumstances.
  • Our aim is to ensure that scarce public resources are used to best effect

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