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About Us

Founded in 1979, by fitness enthusiast Mitch Menaged, National Fitness Campaign (NFC) has been helping people live more active and healthy lives across the country for over 30 years. By converting public spaces into outdoor circuit-training systems, otherwise known as Fitness Courts®, NFC has long been able to provide an effective and accessible workout free to the public.

Today, funding for the fitness courts is possible by bringing together national sponsors with cities and colleges. NFC assists with this partnership by overseeing the funding, planning, and building of each site. We also help to promote each fitness court with a website where people can learn about our 7 Movements in 7 Minutes routine, upcoming events, and information about the new NFC mobile app, a fitness app that lets people access our reward-based workout.

National Fitness Campaign is a social enterprise that plans to give a share of the profits to communities in need to assist them in bringing the campaign to their city. Mitch and Debbie Menaged do not take any salary.

National Fitness Campaign will be opening 20 new fitness courts across the country in 2015, with plans to open 200 fitness courts by 2017. Our upcoming fitness court challenge event in San Francisco will make it possible to assist cities and colleges as they join our campaign.

NFC is also partnering with French rugby legend Sébastien Chabal to bring the campaign to Europe with plans to open 100 fitness courts in France.