Emerging Innovation

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About Us

Emerging Innovation is a new magazine of critical perspectives on dynamic entrepreneurs and self starters emerging from across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We seek to raise interest in and appreciation for innovation and innovators originating from emerging markets.

Over the last two decades, emerging markets have been the theater of the introduction of new goods, new methods of production, the opening of new markets and the conquest of new sources of supply. A large number of these innovations were introduced by multinational companies eager to conquer new customers and sources of profit. Yet the recent rise of the Global South middle class is giving way to new challenges and new opportunities; opportunities that shrewd local entrepreneurs and innovators are seizing everyday.

Emerging Innovation will analyse how their creative ideas and management practices are transforming their cities and countries, creating new jobs & opportunities and driving change in their respective fields and communities.

Emerging Innovation is a project of Carthage Global Ltd. Carthage Global creates products and platforms which enable entrepreneurs from emerging markets to reach their full potential.