Jielimishe Kwanza-Social Enterprise

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Mikocheni B, CDEA-Eco Sanaa


About Us

“Jielimishe Kwanza” is Swahili phrase translated in English as “Educate oneself first” with a general meaning that one has obligation to know the truth/fact about various phenomenon in everyday life before acting.

Jielimishe Kwanza! is a registered Social Enterprise (SE) in 2013 with a registration number 273585 based in Dar es salaam-Tanzania devoted to develop human potential and inspire action. We specialize in inspiring people, life coaching, people development, corporate and community training and consultancy services.

Our mission is to inspire, enrich and empower people to improve their lives through seven (7) projects; “Jielimishe Kwanza-Start Now” trainings, open platform of “Tanzania Readers Club (TRC)”, “Enviro-Forum”, “Ide@Spot”, “Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship in Tanzania (SEE-Tanzania)”, “Personal Development Centre (PDC)” and “Environmental Activists in Tanzania (EAT)”. We incubate, nurture, motivate and encourage people to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment with positive attitude in life.

We provide highly customized training programmes and consultancy services for professionals, youths and individuals in order to create a collaborative societal impact.