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About Us

Fotosynthesis is a not-for-profit organisation that uses participatory photography to develop skills to:

– Make photography accessible to anyone and keep traditional photography alive.

– Give a voice to marginalised people and making a contribution to social justice, human rights and equality through the visual representation of marginalised people.

– Inspire and unlock creative abilities for self-expression and personal development.

– Encourage community cohesion.

– Raise public awareness and challenge the visual misunderstandings by deepening public awareness of complex social issues that exist in daily life.

- Deliver programmes that produce sustainable and lasting change within communities and improve individuals lives.

Our workshops range from digital to analogue alternative photography techniques, and are very practical.

Since our inception we have worked with more than 2000 people

Since our inception we have worked with more than 1800 people including children, young people, parents, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, women’ s groups, religious and multi-faith groups,people with leaning difficulties and mental health issues, intergenerational groups, partially sighted people,young carers, young offenders,black and ethnic minorities, intergenerational groups, emerging and established artists.

We have been able to attract the attention of funders and high profile partners, including Photovoice, Hackney City Farm, Refugee Youth,Refuge in Films Festival, The Studio at the Elephant, The Children's Society, The Project Factory Network, Sight of Emotion/Ojos que sienten, International Insitute of Visual Arts London ( INIVA), Moose on the Lose Festival, Art 13, PICS Festival, Jesuit Refugee Services, Lambeth and Camden Councils, Urban Photo Fest at Goldsmith University and many primary schools in Lambeth.