Mosaic Urban Partners, LLC

  • DC


910 17th Street NW
Suite 1090
United States

About Us

Mosaic Urban Partners, LLC is a small and entrepreneurial real estate development and advisory services firm whose worldwide headquarters* is located in Washington, DC. We solve complex urban redevelopment problems in emerging neighborhoods as either a consultant or developer. Our development work is local to the DC metropolitan area, but our consulting work takes us to urban areas nationwide.

We approach all of our work with a commitment to excellence, a belief in integrity and passion. That’s right. We saidpassion.We believe that our passion sets us apart. We have apassion for excellencethat causes us to bring our “A” game to every endeavor, whether it’s a simple internal office assignment or a complex project for a client or a community. We give our team members as much work and responsibility as they can handle, and then some. Luckily, we all pitch in and help each other because excellence at Mosaic is ateamsport.

We have apassion for transforming urban communities, and that passion acts as a unifying force between all of the work we do. Mosaic’s efforts will positively impact the people who live, work, and play in the communities we transform.