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About Us

Me to We is an innovative social enterprise. Me to We has developed a highly effective model for creating social change, with each branch of the Me to We tree designed to support Free The Children's work at home and abroad. Volunteers on a Me to We trip help build schools. Speakers carry a message of action and hope. Leadership facilitators teach about youth leadership for global change. Me to We is also structured to offset expenses and help provide pro bono services to Free The Children's efforts–contributions valued at well over a million dollars annually.

In addition, half of Me to We's net profit goes to support the work of Free The Children, helping to ensure that, one day soon, Free The Children's already low administrative costs go down to zero. That means every dollar a child raises at a garage sale or collects at a coin drive goes right to the projects they're working to support.

The remaining half is re-invested to help the operations and growth of Me to We to ensure the model is sustainable.

We work with Free The Children for one simple reason: this development model makes sense. We've seen it change lives, time and again.