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About Us

Solar energy is often the most economical solution for rural energy needs. However, the vast majority of projects that need solar either don't get it because it is too expensive or they invest in poor quality solar that fails within a couple years. Great Lakes Energy was founded to address this problem.

We enable brave people and organizations working on high-impact challenges by solving their energy barriers with custom engineered solar energy solutions. We achieve our goals only if our clients' are able to achieve their goals; this understanding ensures that we always have our client's interest ahead of our own.

Since 2005 we have been designing and installing top quality solar power systems for a variety of applications, rural health infrastructure being our main area of focus. We are the 3rd oldest operating solar business in Rwanda, and the second largest.

We enable. This is what makes our work so fulfilling: being able to come into an exciting project in which the energy barrier is a huge obstacle. We convert this huge obstacle into an easy and educational experience that results in a high-end power system meeting the needs of the project in the most economical way achievable.

We are also engaged in the marketing and distribution of Sun King solar lamps for the millions of homes that are not able to access our engineering department. We distribute these lamps through rural entrepreneurs whom we train and support.

GLE is always leaning forward, exploring new technologies and new approaches. This adds to the excitement of our work, and ensures that we are always able to offer the most advanced solutions.