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Malayeka is an organization that is a community hub supporting and empowering Cerrito de la Virgen in Huanchaco, Peru. We have the goal of creating empowerment centers all over the world teaching English, nutrition and health, self-love, and self-expression.Our vision is to empower women and children through education and self-love.

Our mission is to create and empower a sustainable community starting with women and their children through education, community meetings, and educational workshops.


In the end of 2012, the property in Cerrito de la Virgen was donated to Coco Rim Amad because of her vision and desire to create a school and community center that would elevate the families that live there. Within three months the school was up and running and kids started filing in through the doors. Volunteers started contacting her and pretty soon this dream became a reality.

In January 2014, Jillian Johnston and Coco met and soon saw their visions, dreams, and passion not only were compatible, but were essentially the same. With the dream of opening a community center that empowers women and children through education and self-love, together they took a leap of faith to continue on this journey and turn two dreams into one.

So, in June 2014 we put our thoughts onto paper and our goals into action. The rest is history:)

Vision: Empowering women and children through education and self-love.

Mission: Creating and empowering a sustainable community starting with women and their children through education, community meetings, and educational workshops.


1. Offer a safe and stable environment for the families of Cerrito de la Virgen to create, grow, and prosper

2. Promote and teach general education

3.. Offer English and self- expression classes to empower the women and children

4. Provide literacy and writing classes for women and girls

5. Support the women through workshops, childcare, and continued education

6. Elevate the community to create brighter futures for generations to come

7. Teach and promote self-love as the foundation to a happy life

8.Creating a sustainable system from which they can provide for themselves and their families



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Education is important for everyone. Therefore, we offer our children free education through activity to enable them to have a better today and future.It is one of the most important means of empowering our children with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process of our world.

Huanchaco is a beautiful surf district North of Peru with a great vibe. Just a 20 minutes up to the mountain behind the church in Huanchaco is a little community named Cerrito De La Virgen, most of its inhabitants moved here after El nino struck in the end of the 90's. The area is a very low income district with no running water or electricity in most houses.

Some of the kids do not go to school because of their private situations and responsibilities but most of them do.
For our educational center to be present in this area, the kids are more than excited to come over and have fun with us a couple of days a week and learn at the same time.The center opened it's doors 14th january 2013.
Today we offer 2 schooldays a week at the center
– Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm to 6 pm.
We also work as free, extra resource at a public school in Huanchaco to reach more of the older kids of Cerrito (ages 11-13)
– Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning 10 am to 12 amThe classes we offer are english, arts and crafts and whatever skills classes the volunteers come with.

Ages of the kids at Milagro school are 6-18

We also have a kindergarten for the smaller kids where they can hang out and learn through different activities.

During summer which is mid december to end of february we offer all our classes twice a week for the women and the children of the community.

Our main goals of the project
– Keep the kids off of the streets
– Give them the right to be kids, even if it is for an hour a day, by taking them out from their homes where they have big responsibilities.
– Empower through education -learning english will open so many doors for the children in the future to give them better opportunities.
– Simply have fun!

Currently, we are collaborating with volunteers to achieve our goals-and we need your help to continue bringing hope to our community.
We are looking for serious volunteers interested in teaching and gaining a beautiful experience with us, no spanish required. No one said it will be easy, it's a challenge!

We are also looking for a new Program Coordinator starting as soon as possible 2014! For this position you have to be able to work for at least 6 months. If you are interested in this position, please contact us for more information.

We are also looking for a director who will be running the school under the supervision of the Founder. In order to get this position we would love to see someone with documented experience in similar work or the passion to make it work. You should be able to commit to a year of work. If you are interested in this position, please contact us for more information.

Due to a high volume of inquiries please only email if you are genuinly interested in volunteering. We are at the moment only offering help to find accomodation. Unfortunately we cannot provide any monitory compensation at the moment for any of our positions . Every penny of our fundings that we raise through events goes to material costs, the kids of the school and their families.


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We are also currently working in Huanchaco, Peru with the women of Cerrito de la Virgen. We have a knitting and crochet group that meets two times a week to work together, chat, and elevate the community.

We have started a small social enterprise where the women sell their products within Peru, the U.S., and Sweden. They receive a salary to help provide stability and elevate their families lives. All of these women have children and are looking for ways to provide for their families, send their kids to school, and create a safe environment for their children to grow.

In this community, the illiteracy rate is extremely high, domestic violence is more frequent than not, and women do not know their rights or worth. We are hoping to create a community where women are valued, girls learn confidence and self-respect, and women and girls know their power and speak their truth.

These products are symbols of hope for a better future. They are a small flame that has ignited a big dream of possibility for the lives of the generations to come. The women have not only gained confidence in their talents as knitters, but have gained confidence in their value as human beings.

Since the beginning of January 2014, our group has grown from zero to a steady seven To twelve women who are dedicated and motivated. While nothing is perfect or goes as smoothly as planned, we have seen a growing sense of hope and trust. So, this is a project of knitting and crochet, yes. But, more than that, it is an opportunity to show these women they are full of potential, talent, and capability. They have worth and they have a light inside of them to shine on the world.


La Libertad

Type of help.

Help with Computers / internet,
Art project,
Language practise,
Charity work,
Help with Eco project,
General Maintenance,
Babysitting / child care,


As a volunteer we only accept people staying for at least a month.We recommend that you stay for 2-6 months to get a better feeling of teaching and bonding with the children.
You work aprox 15 hours a week and have plenty of time to enjoy the sun, surf or archeological sites around Trujillo.
We give all our volunteers a two day introduction of teaching
No teaching background required.
No spanish required, we have found it better for the children if the teacher does not speak spanish. It is not easy but it is a challenge
If you have other skills, please mention them in your application because we are open to offer more classes to our kids even if it is temporary.
We do not take any fees from our volunteers. It is free to volunteer for our organization.
You are more than welcome to bring donations with you in the form of money or things, our children will be very happy.

Languages spoken

English and Spanish


Since it is free to volunteer for us you can spend a little more on your accommodation. It is very cheap to live in Huanchaco and we have many contacts to help you find the best place for you if you need help. We also offer the center a space for you to live in if you would be interested in living under very simple conditions for free.
Otherwise We will help you find the best accomodation for you depending on your own budget. Please inform us what you are interested in and we will do our best to book an accomodation for you free of charge.
We can help you find accommodation from 10 Soles a night and up.
For a private room with private bathroom around 500 Soles per month and up.

Volunteering hours expected

2-3 hours per day 4 days a week monday to thursday. Occasionally events, once a month 4-6 hours. The volunteers plan their classes with the support of the current director and coordinator of the school.

We aime to have fun with our kids and women and we always do it by being creative in every way.

Thank you for your interest in our organization! We hope to hear from you soon!