Green Guerrillas

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44 Lochiel Road
South Africa

About Us

Green Guerrillas is a business, a movement and a revolution with a passion of educating the youth of South Africa in urban agriculture and sustainability. We are operating a small holding in the outskirts of Fishhoek with cows, intensive pig farming, hens and intensive worm husbandry (two tons of composting worms) and intensive horticulture. We profile soil with the assistance of our animals and are masters of biota brewing and sustainablefarming.

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We are currently dedicating our Fridays for educating learners at Fishhoek Primary. We see all learners once per term and in the afternoon we run an after school program “Green Guerrillas Youth League” where currently 120 learners are enrolled. We do not charge the school, learner or parents for this service as we feel it is our moral obligation to educate the youth in urban agricultural and sustainability. The learners are in the process of building up what we call the Green Cube at the school were a piece of land has been earmarked for vegetable beds, composting and worm farms. Each grade works the land and in the afternoon our youth league go more into debt in the art of urban agriculture and soil profiling.

Check out our mini documentary of our involvement at Fishhoek primary: