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About Us

Embrace Innovations' mission is to create a line of disruptive medical devices to improve infant health. Embrace's first product is a low cost infant warmer to help the 15M preterm and underweight babies born every year around the world. The Embrace infant warmer costs a fraction of the price of existing solutions, and works without constant electricity, making it suitable for rural areas in developing countries.  To date, it has helped over 150,000 babies across 10 countries. Last year, Beyonce helped to get the Embrace warmers to 9 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and Embrace's work was presented to President Obama at the White House.

Embrace is now introducing an exciting new line of consumer products to the US market called Little Lotus, which uses NASA inspired technology to help keep babies at the perfect temperature.  They are deploying a Tom's shoes inspired model: for every product purchased, a baby will be helped by the Embrace infant warmer in a developing country.  Their goal is to reach 1 million babies with the infant warmer, with the help of Little Lotus.

Embrace has received global recognition, including winning the Economist Social Innovation Award and the Fast Company Innovation Award. They have been profiled in CNN, BBC, NY Times, Tech Crunch, Newsweek, Fox and other media around the world.