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About Us

GiverUSA is a mobile giving platform that brings charitable giving fully into the 21st century. Our iPhone and Android apps make it easy and affordable for people to give to the charities of their choice, and they provide charities with a means of raising funds without the cost of having to manage the overhead.


The GiverUSA App offers partner charities a welcome, no hassle stream of funds to further supplement donations gathered from traditional forms of outreach, such as canvassing and cold calling. It provides individual donors with a fun, social, and rewarding avenue for giving to the causes they’ve already embraced, and introduces them to new charities, thus empowering them to expand their philanthropic reach to their heart’s content.

GiverUSA is on a mission to make giving easy and familiar to Millennials and future generations of givers. We make it simple for users of the Giver App to set up recurring payments for as little as $3 a month, or whatever amount they wish. Making once-off donations can be done anywhere, at any time, too. Imagine, for example, an inspired GiverUSA donor pausing in the middle of a hike to donate to his or her favorite conservation charity. With the GiverUSA App, they can get it done with just a couple of button clicks!