Destiny Reflection

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About Us

Destiny Reflection was founded in 2007 by Smarita Sengupta and Becky Bavinger, with a similar vision to establish an organization which aims to socially and economically empower survivors of human trafficking and young women at high risk of being trafficked to live independent, fulfilling lives through community-based and sustainable income generating projects.

Destiny is composed of two distinct, yet complementary arms. Destiny Foundation, a registered charitable organization in India, provides vocational skills training in sewing and handicraft, as well as foundational social programs to cultivate the women's self-esteem, confidence and flourishing. The charity arm also funds social and educational projects throughout West Bengal, which aim to prevent human trafficking, and provide livelihood options within impoverished communities.

Destiny Reflection, a registered not-for-profit business, offers creative employment opportunities, a fair living wage, and a safe and dignified work environment, as well as connects artisans to international markets. Destiny’s work is vital to reintegrating women back into a positive social environment and preventing further trafficking into the sex trade.