Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze, S.A.

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119 Avenue Christophe


About Us

SFF is the operating company of Fonkoze, S.A., a holding company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Haiti. We work together offering a holistic approach to alleviating poverty in Haiti. We provide sustainable financial services and education to the organized poor. The social and development programs of the Fonkoze family are piloted and implemented by the Foundation. The Foundation is in charge of the Social Impact Monitoring and Market Research Department and its mission of providing quality information on the impact of programs on Fonkoze clients as well as serving a key role in product development.  Fonkoze’s comprehensive approach is effective in enabling women to climb their way out of poverty. Fonkoze’s loan, education and health programs are the primary tools for achieving this goal. In general, the more loan cycles a woman completes, the better off she and her family is according to key social indicators.