Build up Nepal

  • Lalitpur

About Us

Build up Nepal is a social business in Nepal working to rebuild rural villages, create jobs and fight poverty. We provide machines and training to rural entrepreneurs empowering them to produce their own construction material - Earth Bricks - and rebuild safe, affordable, environmentally sound houses in their communities.

We have already started reconstruction in 90 villages since the 2015 earthquake. Compared to building with fired bricks from a kiln, the Earth Brick technology has the following benefits:

  • 25 - 40 % cheaper, making it genuinely affordable for poor rural families
  • Utilization of local materials resulting in 60% less CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of migration and creating sustainable jobs in the village

The market for the Earth Brick construction technology is applicable across Nepal beyond earthquake affected communities where many families still live in poor and unsafe housing. Additionally, the method is easy to learn, resulting in many women now actively engaging in the reconstruction work as well as starting their own Earth Brick enterprises.

“Seeing our house turned into rubble, living under a tarp and building my own house has been a story of hardship but also joy. I am proud that I had the strength and guts to attempt it and was able to build a home for my family.” - Shanti Majhi, mother of four, took it into her own hands to rebuild. Read more:

In the next two years, we aim to train another 100 rural entrepreneurs and communities to start reconstruction and construction with Earth Bricks. Each enterprise we start creates 10-15 local jobs in production and construction and builds 20 to 50 new safe homes every year. Watch a short video from our work (2 min):

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