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About Us

HelpAroundTown is a trusted community marketplace that connects neighbors who need help with people in their community looking for local flexible work. Every user has a profile and both parties rate & recommend each other after a job.

HelpAroundTown is a social impact company dedicated to creating local flexible work opportunities by connecting neighbors.
As a bootstrapped local start-up, we have already facilitated over 2,500 local flexible jobs and helped hundreds of high school and college students earn money, gain experience and build their professional reputation.
Job seekers get job alerts customized to their interests and location.

We help elderly neighbors stay in their houses longer, by connecting them with neighbors available to help with yardwork, installing new technical gizmos, moving a couch, or shoveling snow from their walkway.

HelpAroundTown's bulletin board also enables small businesses to advertise locally, flexibly and affordably.
Non-profits advertise free.