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About Us

1098 Brands is a brand management company focused exclusively on promoting natural and sustainable products.

We envision a world where consumers no longer have to sacrifice what is good for their home with what is good for the environment.

Founded in 2008 in Boulder, Colorado, CompoKeeper® is an innovative consumer product dedicated to making composting clean and easy. With the goal of benefitting the environment through an increase in composting, the entrepreneurial father-daughter duo of Van and Kristen Hess introduced a new way to compost, turning a homebuilt dream into a bona fide company.

The CompoKeeper isn’t just another bin with a lid to hide the stinky stuff; it is an entirely new and hyper-functional technology for modern home composting. 

CompoKeeper’s mission is simple: to eliminate all that stinks about composting and to make this ecofriendly practice second nature for all individuals, families and households.