The Big Bad Woof

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Takoma Park
United States

About Us

The Big Bad Woof is a community resource for companion animals and their guardians. We provide access to organic, holistic and premium raw diets, and a wide range of alternatives including holistic supplements for companion animals. We realize it is important to pet guardians that they have essential pet supplies that are good for their pet's health and well being.

The Big Bad Woof is committed to providing nutritious foods for companion animals whether they are dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, or fish. Optimum nutrition in a companion animal's diet will lead to a more fulfilling life for both animals and their guardians, with direct effects like better health over the animal's life span, a lowered risk of disease, and more vitality. We offer premium, holistic, organic and raw foods for this reason.

We are dedicated to sustainable business practices including seeking out and carrying the best in eco-friendly pet supplies, Fair Trade items, and merchandise sourced from local and North American companies, with preference given to small manufacturers and minority owned companies. We make sure a toy is something that's going to be fun, interactive, and playful, while also paying attention to quality and whether it fits our mission of socially responsible business practices.

The Big Bad Woof hosts several rescue organizations including Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL), the Washington Humane Society, Greyhound Rescue, and are privileged to also work with smaller local and breed specific rescue organizations.

The Big Bad Woof also holds WoofClinics which are free in-store mini-workshops and paid off premise seminars which hosts a range of experts in the animal wellness and pet care industry. These are open to the community to help educate pet guardians on their pet's health, training, nutrition and alternative healthcare options.

We believe in doing well by doing good, and embrace sustainable business practices.