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About Us

Go Sheng is the official curator of the Sheng language and culture; a culture that celebrates an evolving Kenya whilst aspiring to advance national unity by building physical and digital platforms for discourse, expression and broadcasting.

Our signature creation - the online Sheng dictionary, packaged as www.sheng.co.ke is a key offering that cuts across all four strategy areas and is the inspired work of our founder, who put together the first web version of the Sheng dictionary. The website was first hosted on a shared domain that he had registered while teaching computer studies in India. Later in 2006 www.sheng.co.ke and www.mchongoano.co.ke were registered and the content of the dictionary transferred onto the two sites. Today, Go Sheng brings several assets to bear in carrying out its work. These include a five-year history on research, youth leadership, an online network of over 13,000 members (spread through our various platforms), and a strong local footprint through our partnerships and alliances with esteemed organizations such as the Kenyatta University, Ford Foundation, Inuka Kenya, Kwani!, Tuvuke Peace Initiative and various Community Based FM Radio Stations in Kenya.

We demystify and preserve Sheng (Language and culture)

We passionately promote the amazing dynamic narrative of the genesis, evolution and dynamism of the Sheng language and culture, and we are the voice of the sector in numerous collaborations and partnerships.

We share knowledge and build capacity

Through a variety of offerings including digital, mobile and social media platforms, we share knowledge and aim to build capacity and strengthen the voice of the youth population in Kenya. We are the go-to source for the intellectual capital of Sheng which fuels communal boldness.

We build social communities and networks

In a world where the digital and virtual platforms are taking precedence in moving the masses, shaping beliefs and populating opinions, we seek to prioritize and promote the use of ICT to facilitate and drive our strategies as well as build communities and networks to sustain the same.

We advocate and promote tolerance and acceptance

We seek to create a public environment in which Sheng can maximize its leverage. By bringing together a network of Sheng speakers and champions through alternative media i.e. our solid digital, mobile and social media podia, we facilitate candid pivotal conversations on national issues, social tolerance and youth empowerment.