Kotare Village

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96 Kotare Road

New Zealand

About Us

Kotare Village is a self-reliant eco-village based on permaculture principles in rural New Zealand's Northern Hawke's Bay.It will be home for 30 families and the Koanga Institute's Centre for Regenerative Living. We are currently looking for like-minded people who want to support a shared dream of embracing a regenerative future through independent village living, local economies and co-evolution.  Contact us today to explore the possibilities for yourself.

Our Vision

A world where people meet their needs, and regenerate their ecosystems and communities

Our Mission
Kotare Village’s mission is to model and promote self-reliance, resilience, interdependence, and the regeneration of our environment and community.

This will be facilitated through

  • Community Land Trust ownership of the property
  • Individual leasehold tenure of house sites
  • Individual and co-operative tenure of common resources
  • Ecological design and holistic management
  • Developing environmental, economic and community systems that are regenerative and resilient
  • Democratic leadership
  • Building consensus through leadership, trust and open communications
  • Building a community that satisfies our values and brings us hope and joy

Kotare Village is a unique expression of a worldwide search for change.