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About Us

At Yabo, we’re creating affordable and creative financing to reach rural farmers in East Africa. By providing asset financing to our customers we’re enabling farmers to unlock their own potential—using the products they see best fit to improve their lives.

Our customers are the 26 million rural farmers in Uganda. They are resourceful, creative, and determined to go great places, but they are financially excluded. That’s where Yabo comes in. We provide them the products they need and the ability to pay us back over time.  

We have an ambitious goal of alleviating poverty in the communities where are our customers live. We’re obsessed with reaching that goal, doing whatever it takes to come up with the best solution. As a startup social enterprise our culture involves constant testing and iterations—always analyzing and adapting to become more efficient and fill the market gap.

To date, we’ve disbursed over 1,600 asset financing loans throughout Uganda. By the end of 2016 we’ll reach over 5,000 loans, ultimately paving the path to hit 100,000 by 2020.