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170 Bui Thi Xuan street
5th floor
Ho Chi Minh City

About Us

HappyTap is a startup with a keen interest in social good that aims to tackle a stubborn problem – handwashing.

It’s an issue that has perplexed governments and development agencies for ages but one that is seriously deadly. Today, nearly 800,000 children continue to die from diarrhea, often caused because of fecal-oral transfer. By getting young children and their parents to wash their hands, we can cut that number in half.

To tackle this problem, HappyTap is taking a different approach. The startup turns the charity model on its head by treating families as consumers with aspirations rather than beneficiaries in need of help. The social business experiments with fresh and innovative marketing strategies to inspire families to invest in their own health. With that in mind, HappyTap launched the LaBobo, a playful portable sink developed using human-centered design. The unique handwashing device is currently manufactured in Southeast Asia and has already seen success in Vietnam and Cambodia.