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About Us

Imperfect is a mission-driven startup that is creating America’s first major consumer brand around “ugly” produce. One in five fruits and vegetables grown in America never make it off the farm due to tiny cosmetic defects that do not effect quality. Imperfect is on a mission to find a home for these misshapen fruits and veggies in people’s fridges by selling them for a 30-50% discount with a lovable, hip brand. We offer the cheapest and most environmentally friendly produce option, starting with our weekly produce delivery service in Oakland and Berkeley in Summer 2015. In addition to building a scalable solution to fight food waste, our business model also generates extra revenue to California farmers.

Imperfect has raised significant investment and has been featured on PBS NewsHour, NPR, Washington Post, Food and Wine, and the front page of the SF Chronicle. We have put together a team of the leading food waste entrepreneurs in the country and are working with a world-class advisors, including Doug Rauch, former President of Trader Joe’s. For more info on Imperfect, check out our recent PBS NewsHour feature: