Asociación Voces Vitales

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About Us

Vital Voices is the first institution in Bolivia working the problem of bullying, whose mission and vision are aimed at defending the rights of children and adolescents to bullying, promoting the reduction and eradication of violence in the areas education through the construction of classrooms peace and generate a culture of respectful coexistence, without any violence.

During the three years 2006 and 2009 Vital Voices held two regional assessments and a national diagnosis of bullying.

The National Assessment allowed us to observe that 50% of the student population is in the circle of bullying, victims, bully / as and / or spectators.

It also became apparent that October 6 students claim to be victims of abuse by their teachers.

Vital Voices through the study showed that the school is second only to the home, where children and adolescents are victims of violence through abuse, insults, name calling, physical aggression, social exclusion and marginalization by their peers and teachers.

Zero Tolerance School Bullying and Violence to prevent this problem and promote a culture of respect for the rights of children and adolescents in educational communities, without any discrimination.