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About Us

Our vision is to enable the next generation of product designers to collaboratively solve social and environmental challenges with open innovation and digital fabrication technologies. Inspired by the proven collaboration tools from the open source software world, Wikifactory empowers distributed and open product development teams to get their projects from design to production.

From wind turbines for clean energy, water filtration systems for clean water, agricultural systems for biodiversity - product development teams are tackling the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems. Wikifactory’s social mission is to support the iteration and replication of these ideas from 3D design to product.

Our guiding vision is one of universal access to creation. Where the access to tools of design and fabrication are distributed, making it possible for someone in a remote location with flexible, digital production tools to freely source designs for the things that s/he could make for his/her community. Where the materials used for fabrication are sourced locally too, turning waste into value. Ultimately, a future where anyone that faces a problem to solve in their lives, can have the productive tools to fabricate, test and iterate quickly to arrive at a solution. It is about resilient and inclusive communities where all, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or (dis)ability can take part in innovative problem-solving.

All co-founders come from a background in social innovation, whether as author of the book 'The Ethical Economy' or as co-founder of the coworking space for social enterprises, 'The Impact Hub'.

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