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About Us

23 HRS has three main goals: (1) Increase community service involvement throughout the United States, specifically in high school students. (2) Create a greater purpose in volunteering by giving volunteers the opportunity to create a strong bond with the community service organizations of their choosing. (3) Make volunteering at an organization an easier and more efficient process for students, organizations, and schools through our user-friendly and intuitive website.

23HRS is an organization that wants to better the world that we live in through community service. This company derived from the idea that volunteering was to complicated. Our own experiences and feedback from our peers confirmed that the complications of volunteering was the main reason that repelled high school students from volunteering at community service opportunities. We wanted to take the initiative and create a more simple way of volunteering. We wanted volunteering to be possible at just a click of a button. And we wanted teenagers to be able to volunteer at opportunities that interested them and fit their individual abilities. Together we choose the idea of creating a simple and efficient website that would increase youth volunteering throughout the world. With 23HRS, complications in volunteering is no longer an excuses to avoid giving back to the world and those less fortunate.