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About Us

What is Umby?
A one-of-a-kind designer umbrella company where each umbrella supports insurance for a family in need and protects them from their next ‘rainy day’

Our Challenge
"The poorest citizens of the poorest countries are typically exposed the the greatest risks. Earthquakes, floods, drought, disease, crime all tend to hit the poor hardest. Vulnerability and poverty go hand in hand, but microinsurance holds out the promise of breaking a part of that cycle that ties them together"
-Jonothan Morduck, development economist

The Microinsurance Solution
The issue of vulnerability is solvable: microinsurance offers a safety net to protect families from unexpected situations. Microinsurance can break the poverty cycle and change the world we live in. Umby is leading a movement to bring awareness and action to the cause of microinsurance. Through a first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer online platform, individuals will be able to directly support microinsurnace policies for families. 

The Umby Difference
Each Umby supports insurance for a low-income family and protects them from health and weather risks for one year. Umby offers a ray of hope, comfort and protection for a family as they weather life’s inevitable storms. 

Umby is making the world safer, happier and sunnier: one yellow umbrella at a time!