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About Us

Dipont Education Management Group is a leading Chinese educational services company with a focus on the delivery of overseas curricula to Chinese students. In association with highly regarded public high schools, we manage 12 A Level Centres (UK curriculum) and 11 AP Centres (US curriculum) throughout China. In addition we have 4 newly-authorised IB World Schools offering the IB diploma programme, plus one centre in the candidacy phase. We also co-ordinate international educational exchange programmes and provide emigration and study abroad consultation.


  • Dipont Education is committed to promoting high quality education and educational programmes to young Chinese talent by exploring and integrating global education resources.
  • We focus on delivering premier education to our students in an international context via the English language medium and expatriate teaching staff, whilst ensuring the retention of strong ties to their native culture.
  • The provision of international educational programmes provides ease of access for some of China's top academic talent to the very best universities overseas, and supports them in achieving academic success.
  • By working in association with some of the top public high schools in China, we ensure that students have all the support, expertise and direction they need for their current and future development.
  • The entire school programme encourages students to develop non-academic as well as academic skills, enabling them to become creative, self-directed individuals able to succeed at all levels in Higher Education programmes overseas.