Lotus Blooms

  • VA


1017 King St

United States

About Us

Lotus Blooms is an adult boutique that fosters a comfortable, sex-positive environment through education and body-safe products. 
Our purpose is to provide an elegant, relaxed environment with the educational resources necessary for people to take charge of their sexuality. Our environment will encourage creativity in sexual expression to help keep relationships exciting. We want to nurture all people towards positive sexual wellness that will keep their bodies and souls healthy, happy and fulfilled. We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable and sex positive environment to explore their sexuality and discover new interests.

We hand-select a wide variety of elegant steel-boned corsets, beautiful lingerie, Body Safe products and fun accessories for you, our valued guest!

Our staff is made up entirely of trained Sex Educators. These passionate educators are committed to helping you find products that fit your body and interests and are always available to answer any questions. We encourage you to let us know what you are looking for, any body or health concerns you have, and what new ideas you would like to explore!

Our store is designed to foster creative sexual expression in a luxurious, non-judgemental, relaxed atmosphere. Visit us and see what a positive and elegant experience Lotus Blooms can be.