Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre

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23-36 33rd Ave
Apt 1
United States

About Us

Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre is a producing theater in NYC founded and run by dramatists, dedicated to presenting new plays and to offering writers for the stage an artistic home.

Sanctuary: NextStage is a live performance ensemble, based in NYC. Its purpose is germinate new stories & fresh ideas to show why art has to be live to be real. It melds moving bodies, voices, music, poetry, digital video and sound, metaphor and flight, all to delight you, bring you new experiences, and to fill you with wonder.

Our award-winning performances of Six Nights (six site-specific new plays commissioned from Sheila Callaghan, Lisa D'Amour, Jason Grote, Sung Rno, Kia Corthron and Caridad Svich and staged all over NYC), Food For Fish (critical raves from NY Times, Village Voice, NY Press, Time Out NY, The New Yorker, and, A New Theory of Vision (an audience favorite and critic's pick from and BackStage), and We Are Now (an immersive musical comedy experience of America's Future) prove us to be courageous and risk-taking, innovative, and just a fun place to be.

Come join us!