Columbus Growing Collective

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About Us

The Columbus Growing Collective is an emerging group dedicated to propagating progress through sustainable agriculture.Together, we work to promote agricultural initiatives as a platform for working toward larger social and environmental objectives, such as: strengthening our local food system, improving health and wellness, and encouraging solidarity within and between the communities of Columbus.

As a collective, we are dedicated to sustainable production with a social purpose. This is to say, we engage in sustainable agricultural production and innovative, value-added processing techniques, as a means for generating the revenue necessary to facilitate and support long-term social programming, including (but not limited to) a free educational workshop series, community "free gardens," a Community Agriculture Program, and job training opportunities for those facing employment barriers. 

Our vision is to eventually extend this model throughout Columbus’s many neighborhoods by converting blighted lots across the city into healthy and productive community assets, as part of a multi-locational farm project.