GreenMouse, Inc.

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529 Race St
San Jose
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About Us

Customers that contract with GreenMouse to have their electronic waste removed can depend on its friendly and hard-working team to collect and properly recycle their electronic waste. Computers, TVs, monitors and other equipment are recycled or re-purposed as much as possible. We provide our customers with confidence that their end-of-life equipment will be recycled according to the rules and regulations set forth by the State of California (Department of Toxic and Substances Control) and have created a single set of standards that serve as a basis for following those guidelines.

Our commitment is to prevent e-waste from being sent for processing outside of the United States or "dumped" in landfills or incinerators. Most e-waste collected by our company is processed at GreenMouse Recycling for the purpose of creating local jobs. (See the video above - GreenMouse Recycling employees processing e-waste). The processed e-waste is then converted into metal and plastic scrap for resale.