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About Us

ActualFood is a social enterprise and technology company dedicated to making healthy, sustainable food accessible for everyone.

“Accessible" means not only available, but also convenient, affordable, and easy. To achieve this, we built technology that allows us to deliver everything you can find at full-service supermarkets, farmers markets, and more to every neighborhood – urban, suburban, and rural, rich and poor – at affordable prices and without charging a delivery fee. This alone would be enough to tackle the food desert problem and eliminate almost all of our customers’ carbon footprint that comes from personal food related travel – an astonishing 3%.

But, we wanted to do even more. So we partnered with food behavioral psychologists and epidemiologists to turn our online ordering platform into the ideal grocery retail environment for healthy eating. With their help, we designed features that make it easy for consumers to make healthier and more eco-friendly choices, without having to become nutrition and sustainability experts.