Level Up Village

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9 Richmond Ave
Old Greenwich
United States

About Us

Level Up Village (LUV) is a cutting-edge, innovative social enterprise offering employees and interns to do good and do well. LUV offers after school enrichment courses for students in grades 3-8 that connect children, one-on-one, to partners across the globe, living in poverty, through fun and engaging STEM programs and video letter exchages.

Topics range from 3D printing to coding/video game design, mobile application development, biology through dissection and more.

LUV's mission is to inspire shared intellectual curiosity globally. When you talk to thier students, you will see that they are indeed achieving this mission.

For every class students in the US take, LUV gives a class back to a global partner so that the two can have the same materials, training, and curriculum. LUV has worked with several iEarn groups around the world. They also have a partnership with a 3D Systems to provide 3D printers to their global partners, which they have done in Mali, Pakistan, Uganda, Cambodia and Nicaragua as well as include a 3D printer for US schools as part of the program.

Explore LUV's press page to learn more: http://levelupvillage.com/about/press/