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About Us

We stand behind every word in our slogan - “Empowering the future with technology”. We care passionately about preparing today’s kids for their time to shine, and we will do our best to help them become creative, thoughtful, problem-solving and competent individuals who can navigate the world around them.

Part of that world is technology – it’s useful in everyday life, it’s inescapable in nearly every profession, it can be a powerful tool in complex situations, and it’s everywhere. But how to we judge which technology is good for our children? How do we choose and pay for the technology that is, in fact, beneficial? From a wide range of free, open source and commercial products Eduporium selects and makes the best technology available and affordable to kids, families, and schools.

We are a social enterprise that operates a new kind of business: we work directly with schools to offer access to academic discounts on educational technology products to everyone affiliated with the school, and we give a portion of our profits back to the school. We hope to better equip our education systems to challenge students even further, and to give them a voice in the world of technology.