Lane Creative Agency

  • Ontario


88 River Oaks Boulevard East
L6H 4C5

About Us

Lane is a Canadian-based, full-service creative agency that provides advertising, marketing, and multimedia services to organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of future generations. With its connection to Voyager Three Media, Inc., Lane maintains a consistent workforce of creative talent who are passionate about creating powerful media. Its target clients are groups who are focused on improving society, whether they be for-profit or nonprofit organizations. This commitment to social impact is what drives Lane’s staff to create inspirational work for its clients.

Lane believes that every organization has a story. Lane founder Joseph Homsy discovered that many of the organizations with the strongest commitment to improving the world did not have an effective way to communicate their story. While major organizations dominated creative and engaging advertising campaigns, the true leaders of innovation floundered without sufficient market presence. In order to bridge this gap between profits and progress, Joseph founded Lane. Lane aims to identify innovators and cause-driven organizations and provide them with the marketing and advertising services that they need to expand their impact.

Lane's mission is to to protect future generations, empower responsible organizations, and provide meaningful careers.